Guide for Foreigners Living in Neyagawa
2.Legal Procedures and Assistance
1 Status of Residence
  • Conditions of your stay in Japan differ according to your eligibility when you first entered Japan.
  • To find out how long you can remain in Japan, first double-check your passport and visa.
  • If you entered the country on a short-term tourist visa or a visa exemption, you are not permitted to work while in Japan.
  • Concerning activity outside of what you are legally permitted to do, you must apply in order to be able to legally do that activity. Or you have the choice of changing the type of visa that you have.
  • If you wish to extend your period of stay, you must apply for an extension no later than 10 days before the expiration of your current visa.
  • If you wish to leave the country for any period of time during your stay and would like to return on the same visa, get a reentry permit from the Immigration Affairs Bureau prior to your departure.
Osaka Nyukoku Kanrikyoku
(Osaka Immigration Affairs Bureau)
Osaka-shi Suminoe-ku Nanko-kita 1-29-53
Business Hours : Mon-Friday 9:00~12:00 13:00~16:00

Gaikokujin Zairyuu Sougo Information Center
(Foreign Residents` General Information Center)
Business Hours: Mon-Friday 9:00~12:00, 13:00~16:00
English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean
2 Foreigner Registration
If you remain in Japan for a period exceeding 90 days, legally you must register as a foreigner. In Japan, various administrative services exist so that you can smoothly and easily register. A Gaikokujin Touroku Shoumeisho (Foreigner ID Card) is an important document that is proof of your status. You are required by law to carry it at all times.
Proceed to the City Office・Civil Registration Section
If you have questions:
Civil Registration Section 072-824-1181
When You First Register
Who is required: the actual person who is applying
Timeframe: Apply within 90 days of having first entered Japan (if born in Japan, apply within 60 days of birth.)
Please bring: ・passport
・2 passport photos(4.5×3.5cm of the upper half of the body、from the front、no hat, color or black & white )
ID Card Delivery: 1 month from the date of application at the City Office. Please pick it up from the Civil Registration Section window.
Changing Your Address, Visa, or Length of Stay
Who is required: the actual person who is applying
Timeframe: Within 14 days of the change
What to bring: ・Foreigner ID Card
In the Event Your Foreigner ID Card is Lost or Stolen
If your card disappears, immediately inform the police. Apply to get a new card from the same place you received the original card.
Who is required: the actual person who is applying
Timeframe: Within 14 days of its loss or theft
What to bring: ・Passport
・2 Passport photos(4.5×3.5cm、of the upper half of the body、from the front, no hat、color or black or white)
Proof of loss or theft may be requested when you reapply. Proof can be obtained from the police when report the theft or loss.
If Your Card becomes too Damaged, Dirty, Ripped or Torn
Who is required: the actual person who is applying
What to bring: ・Passport
・2 Passport photos(as previously described)
・Foreigner ID Card
Renewing Your Card
Who is required: the actual person who is applying
When renewal is required: (1)After initial registration, 5 years from your next birthday.
(2) 5 years after previous renewal, or 7 years in the case of some special residents.
(3)On you 16th birthday.
※In the case of (1)~(3), renew within 30 days of this event.
What to bring: ・Passport
・2 Passport photos (as previously described.)
When a `Registered As A Foreign Resident Certificate` is required
Required from the applicant: (1)the actual person applying
(2)a representative of the family that the person is living with 
(3)a proxy carrying a power of attorney from the applicant
   ※Any one option between (1)~(3) is acceptable.
● Leaving Japan Permanently
When leaving Japan permanently, you must return your ID Card to the immigration officer at the point of your departure. If you have received a re-entry permit, it is not necessary to return your card.
3 Getting Married (Marriage Registration)
If you get married in Japan, it is usual to register your marriage at the City Office Civil Registration Section and receive a registration of marriage (kon`in todoke) .
● In the case of a Foreign National and a Japanese Citizen
What is required of the Foreign National
  • A certificate showing `legal capacity to enter a marriage contract,` issued by your embassy or consulate
  • A Certificate of Foreign Residents Registration
  • Passport
What is required of the Japanese Citizen
  • Family Register (koseki tohon)(unless it is already kept at the City Office)
When registering the marriage, two individuals of over 20 years of age are required as witnesses to sign and seal the registration of marriage.

● In the case of two foreign nationals marrying in Japan
If two foreign nationals marry in Japan they are not legally obligated to register their marriage in Japan. However it is best if they submit a copy of their Marriage Certificate, issued by an embassy or consulate, to the City Office.

If You Have Questions: Your home country`s embassy or consulate
City Office Civil Registration Section 072-824-1181
4 Getting a Divorce (Registration)
If you get divorced, it is necessary to notify the City Office. In the case of a couple with different nationalities, the law of the country in which they reside applies to the divorce proceedings. For example, divorce by mutual consent would be recognized legally if the couple resides in Japan, even if one partner`s nation does not recognize such a form of divorce.

If You Have Questions: Your home country`s embassy or consulate
City Office Civil Registration Section 072-824-1181
5 Loss of Life (Death Registration)
It is necessary to notify the City Office Civil Registration Section within seven days of when the death occurs.
What is necessary:
  • (Shibou Shindanshou) A Death Certificate issued by a doctor
  • Your signature or seal on documents at the City Office
When The Deceased Is A Foreign National
The Foreigner ID Card (Gaikokujin Touroku Shoumeisho) must be returned to the City Office. Also the embassy or consulate of the deceased person`s home country must be notified.

If You Have Questions: Your embassy or consulate
City Office Civil Registration Section 072-824-1181
6 Child Birth (Birth Registration)
Please have the birth of your child registered at the City Office Civil Affairs Section.
Timeframe:Within 14 days of the child`s birth.
※Register to obtain a Foreigner ID Card for the child within 60days of birth.
7 Registration of Personal Seal
To bind any important contract in Japan, (for example, when you purchase real estate, a car, or anything expensive,) you must use a jitsu-in (special personal seal registered with the City Hall.) After you have had your own seal cut by a seal-maker, apply for registration of your seal at the City Office Civil Registration Section.

If You Have Questions:
City Office Civil Registration Section 072-824-1181
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