Guide for Foreigners Living in Neyagawa
7.Childbirth and Childcare
1 Pregnancy
Take a Pregnancy Certificate issued by a doctor to the city office or branch offices. Then you can obtain a Maternity Pass Book (which is explained further below.)
Where to Apply: City Office Citizens` Section、any Citizens` Center

During your pregnancy, you can have check-ups on the progress of your pregnancy at hospitals or clinics which have an outpatient maternity ward. The Shiritsu Hoken-Fukushi Center (the Municipal Health and Welfare Center) offers free check-ups as well as information and advice. Feel free to consult nurses in your hometown, as well.
For Information
Shiritsu Hoken-Fukushi Center 072-824-1181

2 Maternity Pass Book
  • The Maternity Pass Book is a very important record; in it, accounts of the health of the mother and fetus are recorded. Possession entitles the holder to various free public health services.
  • Make sure to take this book with you when you go to the hospital, even if the visit is unrelated to your pregnancy.
  • A record of vaccinations can also be kept here.

3 Childbirth
In Japan, it is most common to give birth at a hospital, maternity ward, or clinic.
●What to do after you deliver the baby
  1. Obtain a birth certificate, issued by the hospital.
  2. Take the birth certificate to the City Office Citizens` Section and hand it in along with a Registration of Birth (available at the City Office.)
※If one or both parents are not Japanese, they should notify their respective embassy or consulate in Japan.
※Please take your newborn baby to regular medical checkups. You can also get checkups and vaccinations (some of which are required by law) at the Municipal Health & Welfare Center or another clinic of your choice.

●Lump-sum Payments for Childbirth
Medical Insurance subscribers are eligible to receive a `lump-sum payment for childbirth` when they deliver their baby. Even if a woman has a miscarriage or stillbirth, she is entitled to receive a payment of 350,000 yen once she reaches the 84th day of her pregnancy.
For Information
Insurance Affairs Office in the City Office 072-824-1181

4 Discounted Medical Treatment for Children
Medical expenses for hospitalization and frequent check-ups for children under 7 years of age are supported for Neyagawa residents. However, these services are only available to medical insurance subscribers.
What to take:
  • Insurance Certification
  • Tax (Income) certification
  • personal seal
Where to apply
Insurance Section of the City Office, any Citizens` Center 072-824-1181

5 Assistance for Single Mothers and House ?holds with Young Children
●Child Allowance
A parent or parents not receiving a regular monthly income and with children under the age of 13 are eligible to receive a child allowance from the City Office.
●Assistance For Single Mothers
  • In the event of an emergency or financial difficulty, it is possible to receive a small loan.
  • You have the opportunity to learn necessary skills (e.g. computer skills) for work for free.
  • Single mothers have priority on public housing requests
  • You are eligible to receive financial support for medical expenses.(Single Mothers` Medical Expense Supplement)
  • A child-rearing allowance is also available.
●Counseling on Child-Rearing
Child Guidance
Advice on raising children, discipline, delinquency or disorderly conduct is available from a few sources.
For Information
Osaka-fu Chuo Kodomo Katei Center 072-828-0161
Single-Parent Counseling
Counseling is available which addresses the unique problems of single-parent families.
For Information
Kodomo Shitsu in the Sogo Center 072-824-1181
Consultation regarding Child Guidance
Advice for any concerns or worries aimed at children up to the age of 18.
For Information
Katei Jido Advice Room                 072-838-0181
Rights of Children `Hyaku-toban` (110 Ban)
The following is an option to address issues such as bullying, corporal punishment, delinquency, or lengthy absences from school.
For Information
Osaka Homu-kyoku Jinken Yogo-bu 06-6942-1481

6. Day-Care Services
●Day-Care Locations
A nursery school or day-care center is a facility where children are looked after until they are able to attend elementary school.
Fees are determined according to the family`s income. Both public and private facilities exist.
  • Eligibility for Day-Care Services
    Parents must be working, sick, or have a special reason as to why they cannot look after their child in order to be eligible for day care services.
  • How to Enroll your child in day-care services
    Apply at the city office or at day-care centers. Documentation to certify why day-care is necessary is required (work/student ID, etc.) as well as your tax receipts.
For Information
Sogo Center Kids Room 072-824-1181

●Latchkey Kids Program (fee required)
Parents who are not home during the day can bring their elementary or middle-school-age children to any elementary school in Neyagawa City. An application is necessary.
※Children attend after school until their parents pick them up, or around 7 PM.
Application・For More Information
Neyagawa City Educational Committee 072-824-1181

7 Childcare Support
●A number of facilities are available for recreational use by infants
together with their guardians. Facilities include the Kodomo Center (Oyako Hot Station), and individual day-care centers. You can also join in optional circle or parenting group activities there. Parents and young children play together and learn about each other through the games and sports.
Kodomo Center 072-839-8815
Facilities available to: all children aged 0-6 and their parents.
Hours of Operation: 10:00~16:00 daily
Holidays: second Sundays of every month, Dec 29- Jan 3

For Information:
City Office Kids Room 072-824-1181
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