Guide for Foreigners Living in Neyagawa
8. School・Education
1 The Japanese Educational System
●The Educational System
In Japan, elementary and junior high schools are compulsory for all children, and parents are required to send their children there.
●The School System
The Educational System is comprised of 6 years of elementary school, 3 years of middle school, 3 years of high school, and four years of university (or 2 years at a junior college.)
  • Classes are held from Monday to Friday. However, some private schools have school on Saturday as well.
  • School hours vary from school to school, and grade to grade.
2 Kindergarten
Prior to elementary school, children between the ages of 3-5 enter kindergarten.
●Municipal Kindergartens
In the City of Neyagawa there are 9 kindergartens(current as of March 2008). Children between the ages of 4-5 can attend(some also permit children at age 3). As kinder- gartens are located throughout the city, the district of residence determines which school children will attend.
For Information:
Neyagawa Municipal Board of Education 072-824-1181

●Private Kindergartens
There are 7 private kindergartens in Neyagawa(current as of March 2008).
For Information:
The Osaka Prefecture Federation of Private Kindergartens 06-6351-5574
3 Elementary School ・Middle School
  • In Japan, it is compulsory for all children between the ages of 6-15 to attend elementary and middle school.
  • The school year begins on Apri 1st and ends on March 31st every year. In most schools, the school year is divided into 3 terms.
  • Textbooks are provided free of charge at this level.
  • In elementary schools, lunch is provided for a small fee.
  • In middle schools, all students are required to bring their own lunch.
  • In the event of financial difficulty, it is possible to borrow money from the School Aid System (Shugaku-enjo.) Don`t hesitate to ask your teacher about this.
For Information:
The Neyagawa Municipal Board of Education 072-824-1181
4 High School
It is not compulsory for all children to attend high school. Students can choose their school from a range of national, public, and private institutions. Many schools offer a variety of courses outside the core curriculum. In order to enter high school, a level of scholarship above that of a middle school graduate is required.
For Information:
Public High Schools:
Osaka Municipal Board of Education 06-6941-0351
Osaka City Board of Education 06-6208-9071
Neyagawa Municipal Board of Education 072-824-1181
Private High Schools:
Please seek advice from the students` current middle school teachers.
5 Foreign Children Attending Japanese Schools
While attendance in elementary and middle schools is compulsory for Japanese students, foreign children are under no legal obligation to attend. However, they are welcome to enroll by following the necessary application procedures.
●How to Enroll in Japanese Schools
  • Apply by getting an application form at the City Office when you register yourself and your children.
  • Get the information of the school (name, address). This is available at the City Office.
  • Go to the school you`ve been directed to and hand in the completed application. Then, fill in an entrance notice and other necessary documents, and your child will be ready to enter school.
●If your Children Cannot Speak Japanese Well
An interpreter can be made available to help your children to take lessons about twice a week for the first year.
For Information:
The Neyagawa Municipal Board of Education 072-824-1181

●Meetings for Foreign Students and Parents
In Neyagawa, meetings are held for parents and foreign students enrolled in the middle and elementary schools. Attend these meetings to get information and meet people like yourself.
・For Children Held twice a year
・For Parents or Guardians Held once a year
・Saturday School Held every Saturday
throughout the year, at each school & the Civic Hall.
Sponsored by: The Neyagawa City International Education Workshop
For Information:
NIEFA 072-811-5935
6 Counseling for Entering High School
●Multilingual Guidance
Counseling meetings for foreign students attending Neyagawa City schools, and their parents, are available every fall. Data on schools is available, as well as interpretation, in 6 different languages.
To attend you need to apply in advance at either your middle school, or NIEFA.
When: Once a year, in the fall
Who: middle school students and their parents/guardians
For Information:
NIEFA 072-811-5935
Osaka Municipal Board of Education, Student Support Group
7 Japanese Language Instruction
●Japanese Classrooms
At NIEFA, conversation lessons aimed at foreigners are held; these are open to those 15 years or older (in principle.)
Time: Weekly on Tuesdays
Place: Neyagawa Municipal Civic Hall
For Information:
NIEFA 072-811-5935

●Reading and Writing Japanese
Who: Those 15 or older (in principle.)
Time: Weekly on Wednesday
Place: Municipal Espoal (Esupoaru)
For Information:
City Office Area Education Promotion Room 072-828-4141

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