Guide for Foreigners Living in Neyagawa
4. Public Services
For basic information concerning Public Services(Water、Electricity、Gas、Phone, and Garbage Collection),
please first inquire with your real estate agent or landlord.

The most convenient way to pay for public services is through an automatic transfer of funds at a bank or post office。If payment is made late, please be aware that extra fees may be added on.

1 Water
Water directly from the tap may be drunk as is, as it is treated by the city. Before you first begin to use the tap, please contact the city Water Works.

●Concerning: beginning water service, ending water service, rates, or trouble.

For Information:
Neyagawa Water Works 072-824-1181
Evenings or holidays 0120-133-327
2 Electricity
Please be careful to check the standard when using electric appliances brought from overseas as standards may differ.

The standard in Neyagawa is 60 hertz (60 Hz) and 100 volts.

●Concerning starting service, rates, frequencies,electric standards, and trouble.

For Information:
Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
Hirakata Office 072-841-1131
Moriguchi Office 06-6908-4731
3 Gas
Two types of gas are used in Neyagawa:
city gas and LP (liquid propane) gas.
When you first begin to use gas please check which type is used in your area.

●City Gas
For starting or stopping gas service, assistance and advice with gas, rates, and if you have trouble, contact the following numbers.
For Information:
Osaka Gas Co.,LTD.
to start service 0120-519424
Customer. Service 0120-594817

●LP Gas (Liquid Propane)
For starting or stopping gas service, assistance or advice with gas, rates, or if you have trouble, contact the following.
For Information:
Osaka LP Gas Customer Service Window 06-6263-0410
Osaka Prefecture LP Gas Association HP:
4 Garbage
●Separate garbage depending on the type & please place it into clear plastic bags.
In Neyagawa, garbage should be separated into these nine types:
①combustible ②non-combustible ③batteries and lighters ④cans and glass bottles ⑤pet bottles ⑥plastic coverings and wrappings ⑦special garbage ⑧flourescent lightbulbs ⑨spray cans.

Household Garbage
  • Both the day and the place to put out garbage (the station) are determined based on where you live. Please inquire with your neighbors.
  • Everyday household garbage should be placed outside on collection day in a clear plastic bag before 9 AM.
  • Regarding proper division and collection days for special garbage and non-combustible garbage, please consult the Neyagawa City Clean Calendar.
  • Please try to follow the rules and properly dispose of trash, and to reduce the amount of garbage, let`s try to recycle as well.
For More Information
City Office `Clean` Section
(8:30~17:00 Mon-Fri)
Clean Center 072-820-7400

Types of Garbage and Separeting It
Combustible Garbage(Twice a Week)
Where: The usual place
What to include:
Watch Out For:
  • Wash kitchen garbage with water before placing it in a garbage bag.
  • Futons、Garden waste(Please cut to fit in a 45-liter bag and please limit the amount to two bags)、and when throwing out cardboard, first fold or cut to a manageable size、then please bind the pieces together; a plastic bag is not necessary.
  • Newspapers、cardboard、magazines、clothing, milk packages、and trays are all resources. Through group collections and reclamation dealers, try to recycle or reuse as much of the above as possible.
Non-Combustible Garbage(Once A Month)
Where: The usual place
What to include:
Use Caution
  • Dry batteries and lighters should be placed and put out in their own separate plastic bag.
  • Light bulbs, razors, mirrors and the like, should be placed in a paper bag labeled KIKEN 「キケン」 (means `Danger`) when put out.
  • Regarding Air Conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, washers and other electric appliances: please ask the store where you bought it from, or the store from which you plan to buy a new one, and they can pick up and throw away the old one for you.
Cans・Bottles(Once Every Two Weeks)
Where: The usual place
What to include:
Use Caution
  • Please wash the inside of cans and bottles out with water.
  • Please remove the lids from all bottles.
※Returnable bottles(Alcohol・Soy Sauce・Draft Beer Bottles)and the like should be returned to the shop, as they can be recycled.
※Cosmetics and heat-resistant glass should be placed in non-combustible garbage.
Pet Bottles(Once Every Four Weeks)
Where: The usual place
What to include:
●Pet Bottles to be included:
  • Drinking Bottles <Carbonated, Fruit Beverages>
  • Sake <Alcohol, Mirin Bottles>
  • Soy Sauce <Soy Sauce Bottles>
Use Caution
  • Plastic caps and other metal caps should be placed in non-combustible garbage.
  • Other sauces similar to soy sauce, cooking oil, and other types should be placed in with plastic garbage and not with the pet bottles.
For collection,bottles bearing only this mark should be thrown out.

How to throw out pet bottles:(Please keep these rules)
Plastic Containers & Wrappings(Caps)(Once A Week)
Where: The usual place
What to include:
    Fresh food packages, convenience store lunchbx wrappings, instant noodle package wrappings, pet bottle caps, and labels.
Look for plastic containers bearing this mark:
Use Caution:
  • Please wash thoroughly with water.
  • Please use all the ketchup or mayonnaise in the bottle.
Special(Large Size, Moving Garbage:Fee Required)
Where: Door-to-door collection(Reservation & Fee Required)
OR take it directly to the Clean Center(Fee Required)
What to include:
Oil stoves, gas burners, water heaters, wardrobes, tables and the like.
Use Caution:
  • Inquire if air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, washers and other electrical appliances can be picked up by a local store. If the store is unable to take care of it for you, inquire and apply to have it picked up at the Post Office.
  • As the possibility of a fire accident exists, definitely cut all ignition wiring and remove all batteries in advance
  • Definitely remove any kerosene still inside.
  • You are required to be physically present for collection.
  • The collectors will not enter your home to remove garbage for you.
★Garbage for Pick-Up Reservation Required
Reservation Required 072-868‐5374
Hours of Operation  9:00~17:00(Mon~Friday)
※Reception is also open on Sat, Sun, and holidays.
For Information
Clean Section 072-820-7400

★Delivering your own garbage to the center
Hours of Operation 9:00~16:00(Mon~Friday)
※Can also be picked up on Sat, Sun and Holidays.
Cost 13yen/kg
  • Please prepare to be asked for your Foreigner ID Card, health insurance, or driver`s license (if you have one.)
  • On principle, if the total weight exceeds 2 tons it will not be able to be removed by vehicle. 
  • A proxy (such as a moving company) cannot deliver your garbage for you. Moving companies, only if accompanied by the owner of the garbage, can deliver garbage to the center.
For Information
Clean Facilities Section 072-821-4039
Spray Bottles・Fluorescent Bulbs
Where: Special Collections (Residents` Association Civic Hall or a similar public facility)
What to include:
Use Caution
  • The general amount thrown out from one family is limited.
  • These items will not be collected at the usual place.
  • Spray bottles, gas bottles (cartridges), please use to the end, then collect and place in a plastic bag.
  • If fluorescent light bulbs are unbroken place them back in the container you bought them in before having them collected.
  • These can always be disposed of at the main area
Items that are Delivered or Picked Up by Shops
  • Dangerous items: batteries、paint thinner、waste oil、fuel、paint、gas cylinders, chemicals
  • Difficult-to-dispose-of items:motorbikes、tires、piano、fire extinguishers
  • Building materials:materials disposed of during construction (tiles、tatami mats、bricks)
  • Button batteries・Nickel-Cadmium batteries:cellular phone, camera, or other unique batteries
5 Telephone
●For telephone applications, removal, costs, or troubleshooting:
For Information:
Applications & removal NTT 116
Troubleshooting NTT 113
Several different companies handle international calls. Some are listed below; contact them for more information.
KDDI 0057(24 hours, free)
Softbank Telecom 0120-03-0061(9:00~21:00)
NTT Communications 0120-506-506
  • Primary cellular phone providers are:
    NTT Docomo, AU by KDDI, Softbank, and Tu-Ka Group
6 Postal Services
●Post Office Hours of Operation
Main Office (Neyagawa City Post Office)
Post(letters、packages): Mon~Friday: 9:00 ~19:00
Saturday: 9:00 ~15:00
`Yu-Yu` Window (General Questions): 0:00 ~24:00
Deposits、Insurance: Mon~Friday: 9:00 ~15:00
Branch Post Offices
Post: Mon~Friday: 9:00 ~17:00
Deposits、Insurance: Mon~Friday: 9:00 ~16:00

●Types of domestic post
The Post Office can handle regular mail, remittances, payments, financial exchanges, and public bill payments.
Regular post include postcards, sealed mail, mini-letters, registered mail, express mail, air and surface mail, and packages.

●International Retakusu(International Fax Service)
At Japanese Post Offices, documents can be submitted to be faxed to a destination, where they can then be picked up. The fax will be sent on the day or on the following day that you hand it to the Post Office. The maximum document size that can be faxed is A4.

●If you move
Inform the Post Office of your move and for 1 year, your mail will be sent ahead from your old address to your new one.(free)

●When you`re absent
If a package or registered mail is delivered and you`re not home, a「Notice of Delivery」is left at the delivery address. Within one week, please arrive with proof of identification at a Post Office to come and pick it up.

●Extended absences from home
If you are away from home for an extended period (due to travel), let the Post Office know in advance and they`ll collect and keep your mail for you.(To be delivered within 30 days of returning.)
For Information:
Post Office (main) 072-820-2601

Neyagawa Shiritsu Shimin-Kaikan
41-1 Hada-cho Neyagawa-shi
Zip code:572-0848
TEL: (072)811-5935
FAX: (072)811-5936

Closed:Sunday, Monday & holiday

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