Guide for Foreigners Living in Neyagawa
1 Train
There are four train stations in Neyagawa. One is ‘Higashi Neyagawa Station’ on the JR Line (Japan Rail), and the other three are ‘Kayashima Station,’ ‘Neyagawashi Station’ and ‘Korien Station’ located on the Keihan Line (Keihan Railway.)

※ Ladies may ride in a “Ladies Only” car during rush hour.
※ Smoking is prohibited in local and express trains and in stations, with the exceptions being smoking sections at the end of some station platforms, and special cars in some limited-express trains. These are clearly labeled.

●How to use the train
  1. Train stations have become automated in urban areas. Purchase a ticket from the ticket machine. To pass through the ticket gate, insert the ticket into the appropriate slot and the gates will automatically open. Don’t forget to take your ticket as you pass through.
  2. If you have bought a ticket of lesser value than required,
    you must pay the difference at fare adjustment machines located inside the ticket gate, or directly to a station staff member.
●JR (Japan Rail)
JR is the largest railway system in Japan, and provides access to most parts of the country.
  1. When you take limited express trains, Green Car (1st Class) reserved seats, sleeping cars or the bullet train (Shinkansen), you will be required to pay an extra charge.
  2. Non-smoking seats are available on long-distance trains.
For Information:
Keihan Railway
Neyagawashi Station 072-826-2615
Lost and Found Center (Kyobashi Station) 06-6353-2431
Train Fare, Timetables, Lost and Found 0570-00-2486
Customer Center 078-382-8686
6:00~23:00 Everyday
2 Bus
Keihan Bus
●How to use the bus
  1. Enter the bus from the back entrance and get off from thefront.
  2. To get off, push one of the buttons provided near the seat to inform the driver just before you get off.
  3. Put the proper coins or a coupon ticket into the fare box next to the driver’s seat. You can also use a prepaid card.
●Bus Fare
  1. The standard fare for most buses is 220 yen. (As of Mar., 2008)
  2. In some cases, the fare charges depend on the distance. On such lines, you must take a numbered ticket (seiri-ken) when you board. Before getting off, compare the number on the ticket with the lit-up board at the front to determine the fare. Put the ticket and fare together in the fare box.
    ※ Children under the age of 12 can ride at half price.
    ※ Up to two children under the age of 6 may travel with an adult for free.
    ※ As only coins are accepted, it is better to change bills in advance with the driver.
  3. 150 yen loop line bus
    A bus called a ‘Community Bus’ circulates through three routes round the city.
    1. Neyagawa-Otowhacho Line (Neyagawashi Station - Korien Station)
    2. Neyagawa-Kurohara Line (Kayashima Station ? Kurohara Asahimachi)
    3. Neyagawa-Kida-Kawakita Line (Neyagawashi Station ? Kawakita)
●Q&A Until what time does the Keihan Bus run?
The buses generally run until about 23:30.
For further information, please inquire below.
For Information:
Keihan Bus
Neyagawa Office 072-830-2221
3 Discount Tickets
Various types of discount tickets (Waribiki-ken) are available for trains and buses.
  1. Coupon Tickets (Kaisu-ken), and multiple-ride cards (Kaisu card):
    An economical purchase in small book form. You can buy discount coupon tickets for fixed routes. 
  2. Commuter Tickets (Teiki-ken):
    Unlimited use within a fixed period and route.
  3. Special Discount For Students (Gakuwari):
    Students can purchase a student pass at a discounted fare. Certification is required from your school or university.
  4. One-Day Pass (Ichinichi josha-ken):
    You can ride any bus or train as many times as you like during a one-day period.
4 Taxi
  • Most taxis can hold up to five people.
  • A lamp at the top of each car indicates the name of the taxicab company.
  • In Japan, the back door opens automatically. Leave the opening and closing of doors to the driver.
●How to take a taxi
  1. You can most easily find a taxi at taxi stands located next to train stations.
  2. You can take a taxi indicated `vacant` (kusha) by a red lit-up sign in the front windshield.
  3. Raise your hand to stop taxis on the street.
  4. You can also call a taxi dispatch center and request that they pick you up.
●Taxi Fare
  1. Taxi fares are determined by distance and time of the ride. They are indicated on a fare meter next to the driver.
  2. Taxi fares are 20% higher between 23:00 and 5:00 am. The fare system and base price may vary between companies.
For Information:
These are the phone numbers of the taxi companies which operate in and around Neyagawa City.
Keihan Taxi Dispatch Center 072-844-7777
Nippon Taxi 072-827-5151
Daito Taxi 072-873-0100
Miyakojima Taxi Dispatch Center 072-831-1234
National Care Center Kaigo-Taxi 072-821-3725
Life Kokoro Kaigo-taxi 072-822-6777
5 Car and Motorcycle
  • Cars and motorcycles are driven on the left side of the street.
  • You are required to wear seat belts in cars and to wear helmets when you ride on motorcycles.
  • Drunk driving is prohibited. Violations of this law will be met with severe punishment.
  • The use of a cell phone while driving is prohibited by law.
  • If you own a car, you must have it inspected every two or three years. Basic car insurance is mandatory but upgraded insurance is strongly recommended.
6 Driver’s License
●International Driver’s License
The International Driver’s License, as recognized under the Geneva Convention, can be used in Japan. This type of license is valid for one year from the date of issue.
●Using a foreign driver’s license to apply for a Japanese driver’s license
If you have a valid driver’s license from your own country and come to Japan without having obtained an international driver’s license, you may apply for a Japanese driver’s license at the Kadoma Driver’s License Examination Center (located in Kadoma City.)
  1. Possession of a valid foreign driver’s license.
  2. Proof that the applicant stayed in the issuing country for at least 3 months in total after obtaining the license.
Necessary documents for application
  1. Your foreign driver’s license
    ※ You must have your foreign license translated into Japanese by an embassy or consulate, or the JAF (Japan Automobile Federation).
  2. Passport
  3. Certificate of Foreign Registration
  4. Personal seal (Signature is acceptable)
  5. 1 Photograph (3×2.4cm)
  6. Application fee
●Obtaining a driver’s license in Japan
  • The practical test is conducted only in Japanese. The written test can be taken in English.
  • In order to pass the test, you must study Japanese traffic rules and regulations.
※ The driving age in Japan is 18 for cars and 16 for motorcycles. Unless you are of the above stated age, a driver’s license cannot not be issued.
For Information:
Neyagawa Police Station 072-823-1234
Kadoma Driver’s License Examination Center 06-6908-9121
JAF (Japan Automobile Federation)
7 Bicycle
Park your bicycle in the designated area as parking your bicycle on the sidewalk is a great inconvenience to many people.
While riding a bicycle, you, as well as car drivers and motorcyclists, must obey traffic rules. You will be fined if you break the rules.
●When Riding A Bicycle
You must keep the following regulations.
  • Ride along the left side of the street.
  • On roads labeled “Pedestrians only,” please walk pushing your bicycle alongside you.
  • On the sidewalk labeled ‘Bicycles Permitted,” proceed slowly along the side facing the road.
  • Pedestrians have right-of-way; please yield to pedestrian traffic when necessary.
  • 2 people riding on one bicycle is prohibited.
    ※ Persons over 16 years of age can carry a child under 6 years of age if the bicycle is equipped with a child seat.
  • Use a headlight at night.
  • Drunk riding (riding while under the influence of alcohol) is prohibited.
●Removal of Bicycles
Neyagawa City has designated the places around 4 railway stations in the city as prohibited areas of illegally parked bicycles and motorcycles.
Illegally parked bicycles and motorcycles left in these areas are immediately removed.
●Bicycle Impoundment
Removed bicycles/motorcycles are kept at Uzumasa Bicycle Storage (Uzumasa Jitensha Hokan Basho) for 1 month. After 1 month, the bicycles are disposed of.
●Retrieval of impounded bicycles
Where to Go Uzumasa Jitensha Hokan Basho
(3-1, Takamiya Asahioka, Neyagawa )
Hours of Operation Monday to Friday,2nd / 4th Saturday and
1st / 3rd Sunday, 9:00 ~ 17:00
(Except on Holidays, Dec.29 ~ Jan.4)
Removal Fee Bicycles \ 2,000
Motorcycles \ 3,000
Necessary Documents
  1. Identification(Driver’s license, Health insurance card,Student ID card, etc.)
  2. Bicycle key
  3. Seal(Inkan)

For Information:
City Office Traffic Management Division 072-824-1181

Neyagawa Shiritsu Shimin-Kaikan
41-1 Hada-cho Neyagawa-shi
Zip code:572-0848
TEL: (072)811-5935
FAX: (072)811-5936

Closed:Sunday, Monday & holiday

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