Guide for Foreigners Living in Neyagawa
5. Other Useful Information for Living
1 Living in your Community
The fastest and best way to get along with your Japanese neighbors is to get used to the customs and rules where you live. Don`t hesitate to seek assistance from your neighbors and local welfare commissioners: they serve as counselors and can answer questions on living, children and welfare, and act as liasons between the administrative authorities and the community.
  • The residents` association can also help (membership fee needed.)
  • They plan social gatherings, clean public spaces, cooperate to prevent crimes, and distribute information on city administration and local events.
※Social Workers
They are available to offer advice on life in Japan, children, and related issues. They can also assist in navigating the bureaucracy to get things done.
2 Bank and Post Office
●Banks and Post Offices
Services such as automatic transfer of deposits, remittances, credit card payments, and payment of utilities such as electricity, gas, etc, are all offered at both banks and post offices. In order to take advantage of such services, it is first necessary to open a savings account.
1) Opening An Account
To open a savings account with a bank or post office, fill out an application form (available at the particular bank or post office) and stamp your hanko (or signature) on it. You will need to bring your Foreigner ID Card.
When you open a savings account at any bank or post office you will be issued a cash card.
※The use of cash cards and ATMs. Both deposits and withdrawals can easily be made. To access your account it is first necessary to enter your four-digit PIN number.
2) Automatic Payment of Utilities
Payment of public utilities such as electricity, gas, telephone, and NHK Television charges etc. can all be made through an automatic withdrawal from your account.

※You can also make the payment for utilities, telephone charges, NHK TV, by bringing your bill you have received to a convenience store.
When Using A Bank
  • In order to transfer money through banks, you are required to fill out an application form stating the bank name, branch name/number, account type and number, address, name, and telephone number of the recipient.

    ※In order to receive an overseas remittance you must inform the sender of the above information. You can transfer money to or from Japan.
When Using A Post Office
  • International Postal Transfers
    If you send an order directly to the address of the recipient
    they will get a notice from his/her post office to come and collect the order in cash. The notice will be sent by airmail.
    Sending a money order to the recipients` postal account
    The money will be paid directly to the recipient`s postal savings account after it is cleared by the financial institutions involved. This service is cheaper than sending a money order to the address of the recipient.
  • International Postal Transfers
    International Transfers can only be conducted when both the sender and the recipient have a postal transfer account at their respective post offices.
    ※ There are countries which do not have this service. Also note that if it is possible to send money, the amount of time required to complete the transaction varies from country to country.
3 TV ・Radio
●NHK Programs (fee required)
NHK is a public station which is not supported by advertisers. It differs from Asahi and other TV stations in that it is mostly supported by funds from viewers.
For More Information
NHK Osaka 06-6941-0431

●Other Overseas Channels (fee required)
Cablewest CustomerCenter 0120-365-234
Sky Perfect TV 0120-816-550
WOWOW 0120-580-807

●Foreign Language Broadcasts on FM Radio
FM COCOLO (free) In the main cities of the Kansai Area (Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, etc), FM COCOLO 76.5MHz can usually be picked up. It broadcasts daily living and sightseeing information, news, music, and emergency information in 17 different languages (mainly Asian languages.) The FM COCOLO program is available at the NIEFA Office in the Civic Hall.

4 Couriers (Express Delivery Service)
When you wish to have something delivered and not use the postal system, several different courier and express delivery services are available. In the event that you have a large parcel, couriers will often come directly to your home to pick it up.

※ You can apply for these services at a convenience store.
For More Information
Kuroneko Yamato Customer Service Center 0120-01-9625
Sagawa Kyuubin Delivery Service (toll-free) 0120-1000-40
Nittsu Express Delivery Service (toll-free) 0120-22-0202
5 Pet
●Owning A Pet / When A Pet Dies
Dog Registration at a veterinary clinic is necessary just once during the animal`s life. (This is not necessary for cats or other pets.) All dogs older than 3 months must receive a preventative injection against rabies once a year at a veterinary clinic (charges apply.)
For More Information
Dog Registration and Preventative Injection
City Office Kankyou Seisaku-ka 072-824-1181
In the event of pet death
Clean Center 072-820-7400

Neyagawa Shiritsu Shimin-Kaikan
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Zip code:572-0848
TEL: (072)811-5935
FAX: (072)811-5936

Closed:Sunday, Monday & holiday

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